Sunday 6 December 2015

5 things to do when you wake up today

If you smile, everyone around smiles with you. And when you see them smiling you will feel good even though you did not know why you smiled in the first place ;P

2)Drink water
Drink plenty of water. Water not only has so many health benefits, 2 to 3 glasses in the morning will definitely ensure frequent trips to the bathroom, and in the process you will become fresher and fresher :)

Exercising activates the body just as an early morning look at your phone activates your eyes and brain. :)

Obviously you wouldn't want to go out with an after-exercise fragrance :D

5) Eat a healthy breakfast:
Include sources of essential vitamins and minerals, so that you are sharp, alert and able to tackle any incidental fools that can ruin your day :)

So go ahead and have an incredible morning!!

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